It’s A Deeper Conversation..

Posted: 30/11/2012 in Kawan kawan, Kehidupan, Keperibadian, Motivasi Dan Kerohanian, pendapat, Pengalaman

2012-10-23 17.34.17



We share our love story here once before

We spent some of our time here

Watching for the God’s creation

The greenery scenery of Puncak Alam

Kind of refreshing, throw all the tense

The story of us will never meet the end

Until we catch the last breath

Hope that our dream will come true

Just be strong and don’t give up

We are not here to play and to joke

But at a same time,we learn to live

Live with sort of people around us

Whom can be our everything and can be nothing

Well,good luck friends

I do wish the best for our future..

It’s not wrong to love somebody

Loving someone is common and normal

Doesn’t matter if the person know it or not

We try our be the best in front of them!!


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