Oh My English!

Posted: 05/10/2012 in Keperibadian, pendapat, Pendidikan Dan Pelajaran, Pengalaman, Pengetahuan

I’ve been asked, why am i using English in this WordPress blog. Firstly, at the beginning, I am not using English, I am using Malay, then if anyone realized, there’s some post that I used both languages or a.k.a ‘bahasa rojak’. Once before, I watched one of the Anwar Hadi’s videos on Youtube, he is a vlogger, it’s about the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). The video shows on how Anwar Hadi answered some questions from his fans and friends. What attracts me is a question on ‘how to improve our English’. He answered easily which is, ‘practice, practice and practice’. Well, practice makes perfect. I heard it a lot before. So, I think, why didn’t I practice my English in this WordPress blog. I’m really really sorry if there’s some mistakes in my grammar, vocabulary or else, and I’m really sure that there must be a lot of mistakes, but at least I’ve the guts to try at writing in English. I am communicating with my biology teacher in secondary school using English through text messaging, and I tell her that I’m sorry if my English was ‘broken’, she said “it’s okay, as long as we can communicate each other and understand the message that we deliver”. Then, after a while, I’m becoming much more comfortable to write in English. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t like to use my own language, but I think it will be fine if I practice  English at the same time. Furthermore, in Malaysia, English is the second language. I’m studying Science and Maths subject using English since I was in secondary school, then when I was in Foundation and now also in Degree, everything is in English. Please do not misunderstand me, by saying that I’m showing off because writing in English. That’s not an issue at all. Once again, I’m telling you that I’m just practicing myself to have a better understanding in English. I’m not too good in English, and I’m still Malaysian who really loves Bahasa Melayu.  Well, everyone has their own way on how to be good in certain case, so do I and this is my way.


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