Hi friends! It’s been a long time did not post something here. No post during Eidulfitri,quite busy, need to handle a lot of things, having a feast at my house after a week of Raya, getting ready to further study and so on and on. It’s almost a month I was here, further my study as a degree student, taking a pharmacy course is seriously not an easy task. Living as a student honestly really need a lot of patience and we have to sacrifice. It’s very important to be the best among the best, that’s what every student wants. It’s a bit surprising when I observed that the ratio between the male and female students was really obviously different. Well, the first week of lecture was quite hard because we did not have any notes, just come to the lecture and listens, mostly it’s about the subject briefing, but some lecturer has started the syllabus. It is quite pathetic for me during the first week of lecture because I am not really memorised the previous knowledge that I have learnt when I was in Foundation in Science. Pharmacy students here mostly from the foundation or matriculation but some students also came from the Diploma of Pharmacy or Science. Seniors said that usually in the lecture hall, the diploma students much more excellent and active because they have basic knowledge in pharmacy. Just imagine, the duration of diploma studies has been 3 years (6 semesters) while foundation or matriculation is only 1 year (2 semesters). So,that’s why they may learn a lot in a 3 year diploma and the foundation syllabus may be limited compared to diploma. Well, I realize that in everything that we do there must be a challenge. There’s nothing easy in this world, never and ever, if we did not put so much effort to achieve the best. My journey just started now, my future depends on myself nor the other. Everyone has their own hardship, and so do I. Let’s we go through the hardship in order to get the better one. InsyaAllah..aminn..



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