Time For Ramadan

Posted: 11/08/2012 in Kerohanian, Motivasi Dan Kerohanian, pendapat, Pengalaman, Pengetahuan

Ohh..what a procrastinator laa..this should be posted in the early month of Ramadan not the last month of Ramadan. Well,today is the 23rd of Ramadan,such a bit late to update the post. Alhamdulillah,so thankful because we get the chance to celebrate Ramadan this year, and wish that this is not the last Ramadan for us. Me…having Ramadan with the beloved family was such a very splendid time ever. Kinda tiring but it’s relieving. Since i’m not celebrating Ramadan last year with family,so this year,i’m really enjoying my Ramadan. What need to be made for Ramadan? Ramadan is not the only month where all the muslimin and muslimat bear from eating or drinking almost  half of a day but Ramadan is also is the month where we should  ‘perbanyakkan ibadah’, reciting Quran, Terawih, Selawat, Zikir and so on.. Ramadan was so special because every good deed that we do, we will be getting more rewards or ‘pahala’ compared to the other months. So,please be more considerate,take a good care of your attitude, your words and even your thought. Let’s make this month is the time for us to get a lot of ‘pahala’. Another thing about Ramadan was there will be the ‘malam LailatulQadar’, it happens on the odd night of the last 10 day of Ramadan. The ‘malam LailatulQadar’ is better than a thousand months. Very lucky for those who meet this ‘malam LailatulQadar’ and keep on their worship along that night. May we get the chance to meet with this night..InsyaAllah,as long as we keep our faith.. By having Terawih on Ramadan is the other way on how to get more rewards. No Ramadan, no Terawih, no Ramadan, no ‘malam LailatulQadar’. Anyhow, happy fasting month, Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan!! May we got bless..ameenn..


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