On 13July 2012, ex-candidates of STPM/Matriculation/Foundation of UiTM/Foundation of UM 2011/2012 already checked their application status on UPU online. Anyhow, congratulations for those who got a good course and a good IPTA. Those who got unexpected course, do not worry too much, it’s not the end. Just go further on that course,maybe later there might be something interesting, who knows, right? Just be thankful because there must be something  good for you. Allah knows the best!! Good luck yaa. For those who did not get any offer, try to appeal, don’t give up,pray hard. News reported that 38,459 candidates managed to enter IPTA to join the first degree program for the academic session 2012/2013. 5,154 candidates compete succesfully applied for the program, including medicine (875 peoples), dentistry (170 peoples), pharmacy (295 peoples), law (354 peoples), chemical engineering (1,071 peoples), electrical engineering and electronics (919 peoples) and accounting (804 peoples). I’ve checked my UPU result already. Waiting almost for 5 months, and this is the time. I do wish for the best course, pray it for it.. Finally, i checked it, then…..


…….i got pharmacy course at UiTM!!! Syukur,Alhamdulillah..it’s not bad. Quite happy with this result even it is not the first choice. UiTM campus is just the same when i was in foundation in science, UiTM Puncak Alam. I guess it’s a good advantage for me, because i’ve my own experiences there, even i will never ever get any experience on the other universities. I love UiTM, just like the most popular words, ‘UiTM di hatiku’..hmm.. Actually,it doesn’t matter wherever you study at, the most important is your level of achievement. Then, as far as one knows, the pharmacy course in IPTA will definitely sponsor by JPA scholarship because it is a critical course, just like medicine and dentistry. I’m glad to know that, it may help my parents too,didn’t want to burden them..it’s good to get the scholarship right? I hope i will get a better future, hope my journey from Year 1-6, Form 1-5, Foundation in science, then Degree would be so worthwhile. Thanks also to my parents, all my teachers and friends. To all my friends, good luck guys, be strong, our journey is still on, don’t be easily given up.

**Congrats to <ex housemate>Naja, Cha Asyiera, Anis,<Group A6>Nik Nur Dayana, Adlina, Hafizah, Syua, Hakimah, <Penta astute> Mino, Ct, Lily, Zarith. They are a Doctor to be!!!!

  1. cik nanad says:

    saya pun dapat kat uitm puncak alam . tapi saya nurse . dan sy bekas asasi sains palam . bole la kita kenal-2 ek? 🙂

    • imasleya says:

      owh..ye ke..ex palam.. Tak sangka plak..hehe.. Insyaallah,klu cam muke awak,nti kte tegur2 ya.. Btw,congrats for your upu offer too..

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