It’s less than a month to go,to sit for the final examination in this foundation in science. How to cover all the subjects,chapters,subtopics,notes,formulas,summary,mindmap?? It’s normal when we get stress when exam is around the corner,but keep our faith,keep saying that ‘I CAN DO IT‘!!! Yup,nowadays,there’s lot of smart students..lot of competitions among students wherever you study at. No 4 flat,no medic! But being medic student is not the only choice..not everyone was born to be a doctor.. Everyone has their luck and ‘rezeki’,just being thankful what we,need not to being jealous with others because Allah always give the best to us,as long as we keep on trying to get the best! May everything goes well,i wish for the best in this exam.. I remembered of what my biology teacher said “it doesn’t matter how slows you go,as long as you don’t stop”Miss Hoe See Hwe..




Special wish for all my friend A6,housemates and others in Puncak Alam Foundations…wish you guys the best!!..AMINN..


  1. one-nie says:

    Good luck for your final, darling… i know you can do it..!!

  2. imasleya says:

    Thanks…Good luck to you too…heeee..

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