Secret Admire??

Posted: 12/02/2012 in Kawan kawan, Kehidupan, Pengalaman

A few days after the Dinner…

What’s up??

I got a surprise

What was it?

It was a dedication,it’s written from S.A

What it was look like?

It was a small teddy bear with some words left there.

What was the words said?

It was,uhibbukifillah and …..

What does the words mean?

It can be a lot of meaning..juz the person who sent the dedication can explain it!

Who sent the dedication?

How can i know?? I’ve no clue bout it. I’ve tried to know but why should i know?

You don’t wanna know that person?

I wanna but…juz let it be laa…

Wanna say sth for that person?

Yup..well,juz wanna say thanks for the dedication and i was appreciated it so much..

*What’s meant to be will always find a way…

My respond…

And..friends respond..

The person who send the dedication gives no respond! It’s okay..chill ya..

  1. burn says:

    ekekkeke..SA 🙂

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