Mouse Dissection

Posted: 08/02/2012 in Cita cita, Kawan kawan, Kehidupan, Pendidikan Dan Pelajaran, Pengalaman, Pengetahuan

It’s a lab time,we’re having a mouse dissection to observe the mammal respiratory system…

Let’s check it out!

It was quite a large mouse and its very purely white..

Cut its skin to clearly observe the organs..and its quite smelly..


hmm..ok..’peel’ its skin again and again…

And AGAIN!….its a bit tough to handle its skin,do it carefully or else it may cut the organs..

Here it is!!! Observe it!!


God job friends!! heee

She managed to handle the mouse even had a very shaking hands..


Fully version of the surgeon…i guess..

Sorry,i’m not in the photos.. why? coz i’m handling other task of experiment..


So,in conclusion.. Human respiratory system has not much difference than mouse.

It’s just the different size of the organs…

  1. john johnson says:

    Its a large mouse because its a RAT!!!

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