Annual Grand Dinner

Posted: 08/02/2012 in Kawan kawan, Kehidupan, Pengalaman
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There was a grand annual dinner for students which are from

Foundation in Science and Engineering.

Held on 29 Jan 2012 at The Shah Alam Convention Centre.

What was ‘noche de amor’??

Malam cinta…Full of love..yes,i guess..

Theme…elegant oasis..

Yup,everyone was with their beautiful dress,

they were very good in their own way..AND

i was like…….

Less is more…SIMPLE juz by myself! So,that’s it…

Having this event with these kind of friends…

With specs,juz lens..eager to use the lens,but not brave to do so..

With Ana…

Quite dissatisfied bout the arrangement of the table

coz our table clashed with other groups!

Outside the hall..

Sorry,to roomate,Naja and classmate,Mizah..couldn’t find you…

So,no photo of you..till then…


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