A Night With ‘Them’..

Posted: 31/12/2011 in Hiburan, Kawan kawan, Kehidupan, Pengalaman

A night with ‘them’..yeah..only a night,one night only!!

Who is ‘them’??…..hmm..they are a group of A6 (my group),A7,A8 and..a few A9..then with our mentors or lecturers..yup!

Even just a night..it’s okay man,we just fine and we had fun..i guess ya..

However,i’m a bit satisfied with the night bcoz…after a few years,i got to play NETBALL!! GA position okay!

Watch these out!

Half of my classmate @ groupmate A6…Guys,smileeeeeee!..heeee

Fadhilah looks funny with my empty bottle..haha..

oh gosh..Burn,behind your head! There’s DOUBLE PEACE..lol..

Fadhilah,Hanisah,Anna,Burn,Faizah and Me..

Opps..my peace looks strange!!

They were so happy…hurmm..I guess..

Ana with her ‘sweet’ face VS Burn with her ‘serious’ face..

Fadhilah,Faizah,Adila and Ika..

And…we again…

The same face again….(n_n)


We played netball together..


With Mizah..

With Burn…oh ya..Burn again..haha

With our A6 Class Rep..the yellow one..

FYI,A6 won the FUTSAL and NETBALL competition..Congrats Guys..

Well,fun moments with FRIENDS from the same lecture..A7 and A8..

See ya..


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