sembilan belas sembilan puluh tiga

kami sama tapi tak serupa

dua puluh mahupun dua puluh satu

bukan sembilan belas apatah lagi dua puluh dua

itu umur semata mata

matang lah segera


sembilan belas sembilan puluh tiga

tahun ayam katanya

tuah ayam nampak dikaki

tuah manusia di mana

belajar jadi manusia

itulah tuah dia


sembilan belas sembilan puluh tiga

ingatkah peristiwa

umur belum pun setahun

berjalan pun tak lagi tahu

bila besar, mula tahu

peristiwa besar mona fandi

dan highland tower pada tahun sama


sembilan belas sembilan puluh tiga

itu tahun dahulu kala

dua ribu empat belas

itu tahun sekarang yang serba ada

apa yang dulu ada tapi sekarang tiada

dan apa yang dulu tiada tapi sekarang ada

jadi belajarlah untuk bersyukur

syukur dengan apa yang ada…


Let me introduce, my new friend, here it goes!

Alhamdulillah~special big thanks to my dear parents for the big present here.

After JKJ647, JMK647, there’sa new one here for me especially JPF647.

Well,i’ll be very thankful for it.

I’ll drive carefully and take a good care of it~

Photo1789 more things~~

teddybear from SA.i put it on my car! 🙂



Dear sisters..

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having a sister is like a permanent friend! oh really?haha. Someone u cant get rid of,someone who is ratting u out! But,at the end of the day,u love them so much! trust me!!




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2012-10-23 17.34.17



We share our love story here once before

We spent some of our time here

Watching for the God’s creation

The greenery scenery of Puncak Alam

Kind of refreshing, throw all the tense

The story of us will never meet the end

Until we catch the last breath

Hope that our dream will come true

Just be strong and don’t give up

We are not here to play and to joke

But at a same time,we learn to live

Live with sort of people around us

Whom can be our everything and can be nothing

Well,good luck friends

I do wish the best for our future..

It’s not wrong to love somebody

Loving someone is common and normal

Doesn’t matter if the person know it or not

We try our be the best in front of them!!

Hello to my silent readers..ooppss..agrees right? Okay,never mind.. It’s a sports story here..let’s make sports as a new favourite thing. I played sports since I was 10 years old, and it was when i was in primary school,Year 4..I joined school athletics, netball and handball except hockey because I’m afraid of the hockey stick and the heavy hockey ball. Every year,I will join the sports day in school, it’s a good experience actually, quite exciting when your friends keep on supporting you when you are in a game, you may have flaming fiery spirit to win the game. Hearing the heart whispering that “I’m the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!” When I was 12 years old, I experienced to break a record of the javelin event at Stadium Batu Pahat. Playing handball is much more exciting than netball, handball allow me to make a lot of moves, need more energy to run here and there. Most of my certificates are from the sports background. During my secondary school, I stopped join any sports, I am focusing on my it is quite a long time I left sports. During foundation in Science, I joined the netball games versus with another class..and my class A6 won the game. I do really miss the moment of winning sports. Now I’m in degree, I do really miss to join sports. I decided to join the SAF which is Sukan Antara Fakulti in the netball and handball game. It’s a bit disapointing because I missed the KARISMA games, it is the game between UiTM in all states…but still okay got to join SAF,it is better than nothing. My final exam is around the corner, and I am joining sports, it’s a problem in managing time to practice and to study..but I will try to manage my time wisely,hopefully..because of my passion in sports,I do take the risk!. Every strikes brings me closer to the next home run..! Pain is only temporary but victory is forever..


*Really wish to own a sweater baseball,seriously I admire it so’s very sporty look.

Basketball would be my next favourite thing..oh man,it’s very fun, trust me!! till then..bye

I’ve been asked, why am i using English in this WordPress blog. Firstly, at the beginning, I am not using English, I am using Malay, then if anyone realized, there’s some post that I used both languages or a.k.a ‘bahasa rojak’. Once before, I watched one of the Anwar Hadi’s videos on Youtube, he is a vlogger, it’s about the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). The video shows on how Anwar Hadi answered some questions from his fans and friends. What attracts me is a question on ‘how to improve our English’. He answered easily which is, ‘practice, practice and practice’. Well, practice makes perfect. I heard it a lot before. So, I think, why didn’t I practice my English in this WordPress blog. I’m really really sorry if there’s some mistakes in my grammar, vocabulary or else, and I’m really sure that there must be a lot of mistakes, but at least I’ve the guts to try at writing in English. I am communicating with my biology teacher in secondary school using English through text messaging, and I tell her that I’m sorry if my English was ‘broken’, she said “it’s okay, as long as we can communicate each other and understand the message that we deliver”. Then, after a while, I’m becoming much more comfortable to write in English. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t like to use my own language, but I think it will be fine if I practice  English at the same time. Furthermore, in Malaysia, English is the second language. I’m studying Science and Maths subject using English since I was in secondary school, then when I was in Foundation and now also in Degree, everything is in English. Please do not misunderstand me, by saying that I’m showing off because writing in English. That’s not an issue at all. Once again, I’m telling you that I’m just practicing myself to have a better understanding in English. I’m not too good in English, and I’m still Malaysian who really loves Bahasa Melayu.  Well, everyone has their own way on how to be good in certain case, so do I and this is my way.

Hi friends! It’s been a long time did not post something here. No post during Eidulfitri,quite busy, need to handle a lot of things, having a feast at my house after a week of Raya, getting ready to further study and so on and on. It’s almost a month I was here, further my study as a degree student, taking a pharmacy course is seriously not an easy task. Living as a student honestly really need a lot of patience and we have to sacrifice. It’s very important to be the best among the best, that’s what every student wants. It’s a bit surprising when I observed that the ratio between the male and female students was really obviously different. Well, the first week of lecture was quite hard because we did not have any notes, just come to the lecture and listens, mostly it’s about the subject briefing, but some lecturer has started the syllabus. It is quite pathetic for me during the first week of lecture because I am not really memorised the previous knowledge that I have learnt when I was in Foundation in Science. Pharmacy students here mostly from the foundation or matriculation but some students also came from the Diploma of Pharmacy or Science. Seniors said that usually in the lecture hall, the diploma students much more excellent and active because they have basic knowledge in pharmacy. Just imagine, the duration of diploma studies has been 3 years (6 semesters) while foundation or matriculation is only 1 year (2 semesters). So,that’s why they may learn a lot in a 3 year diploma and the foundation syllabus may be limited compared to diploma. Well, I realize that in everything that we do there must be a challenge. There’s nothing easy in this world, never and ever, if we did not put so much effort to achieve the best. My journey just started now, my future depends on myself nor the other. Everyone has their own hardship, and so do I. Let’s we go through the hardship in order to get the better one. InsyaAllah..aminn..


Ohh..what a procrastinator laa..this should be posted in the early month of Ramadan not the last month of Ramadan. Well,today is the 23rd of Ramadan,such a bit late to update the post. Alhamdulillah,so thankful because we get the chance to celebrate Ramadan this year, and wish that this is not the last Ramadan for us. Me…having Ramadan with the beloved family was such a very splendid time ever. Kinda tiring but it’s relieving. Since i’m not celebrating Ramadan last year with family,so this year,i’m really enjoying my Ramadan. What need to be made for Ramadan? Ramadan is not the only month where all the muslimin and muslimat bear from eating or drinking almost  half of a day but Ramadan is also is the month where we should  ‘perbanyakkan ibadah’, reciting Quran, Terawih, Selawat, Zikir and so on.. Ramadan was so special because every good deed that we do, we will be getting more rewards or ‘pahala’ compared to the other months. So,please be more considerate,take a good care of your attitude, your words and even your thought. Let’s make this month is the time for us to get a lot of ‘pahala’. Another thing about Ramadan was there will be the ‘malam LailatulQadar’, it happens on the odd night of the last 10 day of Ramadan. The ‘malam LailatulQadar’ is better than a thousand months. Very lucky for those who meet this ‘malam LailatulQadar’ and keep on their worship along that night. May we get the chance to meet with this night..InsyaAllah,as long as we keep our faith.. By having Terawih on Ramadan is the other way on how to get more rewards. No Ramadan, no Terawih, no Ramadan, no ‘malam LailatulQadar’. Anyhow, happy fasting month, Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan!! May we got bless..ameenn..

On 13July 2012, ex-candidates of STPM/Matriculation/Foundation of UiTM/Foundation of UM 2011/2012 already checked their application status on UPU online. Anyhow, congratulations for those who got a good course and a good IPTA. Those who got unexpected course, do not worry too much, it’s not the end. Just go further on that course,maybe later there might be something interesting, who knows, right? Just be thankful because there must be something  good for you. Allah knows the best!! Good luck yaa. For those who did not get any offer, try to appeal, don’t give up,pray hard. News reported that 38,459 candidates managed to enter IPTA to join the first degree program for the academic session 2012/2013. 5,154 candidates compete succesfully applied for the program, including medicine (875 peoples), dentistry (170 peoples), pharmacy (295 peoples), law (354 peoples), chemical engineering (1,071 peoples), electrical engineering and electronics (919 peoples) and accounting (804 peoples). I’ve checked my UPU result already. Waiting almost for 5 months, and this is the time. I do wish for the best course, pray it for it.. Finally, i checked it, then…..


…….i got pharmacy course at UiTM!!! Syukur,’s not bad. Quite happy with this result even it is not the first choice. UiTM campus is just the same when i was in foundation in science, UiTM Puncak Alam. I guess it’s a good advantage for me, because i’ve my own experiences there, even i will never ever get any experience on the other universities. I love UiTM, just like the most popular words, ‘UiTM di hatiku’..hmm.. Actually,it doesn’t matter wherever you study at, the most important is your level of achievement. Then, as far as one knows, the pharmacy course in IPTA will definitely sponsor by JPA scholarship because it is a critical course, just like medicine and dentistry. I’m glad to know that, it may help my parents too,didn’t want to burden’s good to get the scholarship right? I hope i will get a better future, hope my journey from Year 1-6, Form 1-5, Foundation in science, then Degree would be so worthwhile. Thanks also to my parents, all my teachers and friends. To all my friends, good luck guys, be strong, our journey is still on, don’t be easily given up.

**Congrats to <ex housemate>Naja, Cha Asyiera, Anis,<Group A6>Nik Nur Dayana, Adlina, Hafizah, Syua, Hakimah, <Penta astute> Mino, Ct, Lily, Zarith. They are a Doctor to be!!!!